A fresh start - a new logo!

18 Jul 2012 Annelies De Meyere Less is MoreWork is Play

Some things should not be rushed. A new logo, for example. We let our designer propose several new logo's that represent what co-learning stands for. She came up with some neat stuff, so we crowdsourced it via the facebook group and the twitter account. This way our clients and collaborators could let us know what they thought about it, worthy of an agile startup (winkwink). Shortly after, we had a winner! Behold our new logo: 2 thinking balloons supporting each other to new ideas and an even stronger color.

We've adapted the blog, facebook and twitter page layouts to reflect our new colour scheme, but of course a website is a little more work. Expect a decent overhaul of the website soon, so do keep an eye on it!