Drama babe! - Open your customer's drama stage


We're happy to be able to announce another awesome workshop for this year's WisP conference! Michael Tarnowski is the founder of "Plays-In-Business.com" where he is active as Agile Coach, Process Improvement Consultant (CMMI, ISO 15504) - Business Facilitator (LEGO Serious Plays, Innovation Games) and even Actor/Director (Stage Acting & Business Plays) Here's his view on what you can expect during the workshop "Drama babe! - Open your customer's drama stage": Gaming at the workplace, agile coaching & innovation facilitating have three things in common with stage directing: all tell drama stories, like metaphors, images and stage props, and share visions with the product/organization as hero.

The workshop participants will develop a kind of hero's adventure quest story for a chosen product development: dramatic personas, hero's climaxes & anticlimaxes, emotions and  possible marketing prospects. The facilitator is IT-consultant, agile coach/change agent, CSM, and has more than 30 years of experience as stage director and actor in off-theatre plays. More than enough experience to let you have a taste of how these skills can be mixed and used on the stage of life!