Certified Innovation Games® for Agile Teams

ABC model
B - Basic skills set

While there is a lot to love about Agile development, many practices can get pretty tiresome. Retrospectives stop working when teams become bored with answering the same three questions (“what worked, what didn’t work, what should we change?”). Prioritizing a product backlog in a single meeting before, or during, release planning using a spreadsheet isn’t very engaging. Developing and presenting a product roadmap using PowerPoint gets pretty old, especially when you can’t find a way to show the growth in functionality of your product. 

Many of the practices and processes followed by agile teams are enhanced and improved through the integration of Collaboration Frameworks. This one-day intensive course will enable agile practitioners to use the Innovation Games set of collaboration frameworks to identify customer requirements, improve retrospectives, prioritize backlogs, create better release plans, product roadmaps and much more.

What You Will Learn

  • Beginning with an overview of the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud and multidimensional collaboration techniques, you will learn how to:
  • Identify customer requirements for an ideal product through the Product Box framework.
  • Improve retrospectives with the Speed Boat framework.
  • Prioritize your backlog using the online platform Decision Engine (formerly, Buy a Feature Online).
  • Plan a successful project using Remember the Future.
  • Develop better release plans with Prune the Product Tree / Prune the Future.
  • Understand product usage with Me and My Shadow and Start Your Day.

Agile should be fun and effective! And when you integrate the frameworks described in this class into your Agile practice, it will be.


Our one-day “Collaboration Frameworks for Agile Teams” course earns participants 60 Experience credits in the Certified Collaboration Architect program—equivalent to a Yellow Belt.

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