Certified Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding

ABC model
B - Basic skills set

Today everybody is screaming about usability, user centric design, design thinking and a lot more of those fancy words to say the same thing: “We need to put people in the center of our business/product”. 

As such, Innovation Games® is the tool that will help you take huge strides towards creating applications, products and/or services with a user-centered design. They support the decision process along the way and help set product/service direction. 

Innovation Games® are a fun, serious way to help you get answers to the following questions: 

  • What do my customers really want?
  • How can I gain market insight without sending out boring inquiries?
  • How can I get customer engagement even before my product/service is available?
  • How can I go from “Oh Shit!” to “Oh Wow!” in 30 minutes?

(see The ROI of Innovation Games® in case you need to convince your manager)

The Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding Learning Expectations

Give us two days and we’ll teach you how Innovation Games uncover deeper and more accurate customer insights.

Based on Luke Hohmann’s book, Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play, and our qualified instructors’ years of real-world experience, this two-day interactive workshop teaches you how to apply the same serious games that Fortune 1000 companies, nonprofit organizations and governments have used to improve their products and services and build lasting success.

  • Discover what your customers don’t like about your offerings
  • Uncover unspoken needs and breakthrough opportunities
  • Understand where your offerings fit into your customers’ operations
  • Clarify exactly how and when customers will use your product or service
  • Deliver the right new features and make better strategy decisions
  • Increase empathy for the customers’ experience within your organization
  • Identify your most effective marketing messages and sellable features
  • Slay dragons (ok, maybe not this one…)

Our two-day Innovation Games for Customer Understanding course earns participants 120 Experience credits in the Certified Collaboration Architect program—equivalent to an Orange Belt. For more details on the program click here.

The Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding Structure

The two-day certification workshop is built on the “learning by doing” model of education, relying on real-world case studies and in-class practice and discussion. Topics covered include:

  • Identifying the areas in which Innovation Games can positively impact market research efforts
  • Determining which game or games are best suited to any given situation, online or off
  • High-level overview of the planning, playing and post-processing process for game sessions
  • Hands on experience of several games, both in-person (Day 1) and online (Day 2)
  • Detailed investigation and hands-on practice of real-world case studies
  • Thorough grounding in game facilitation and presentation techniques
  • Best ways to bring Innovation Games inside your business

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