Innovation Games® Master Class

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Join us for an Innovation Games® Master Class: Game Design for Multidimensional Collaboration, by Luke Hohmann. 

Game Design for Multidimensional Collaboration is designed for Innovation Games and Gamestorming facilitators who want to dig into the deeper foundation of game theory needed to extend, redesign, and create new collaborative games.

Game Design for Multidimensional Collaboration teaches the “secret ingredients” of serious, collaborative game design through the hands-on use of the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™ and an associated deck of Collaborative Game Design Cards™ to deconstruct existing games, extend them, and create new games.

After taking this class you will be able to create collaborative, online and in-person games to tackle complex business problems in strategy, competitive positioning, marketing and product development.

Because Conteneo is constantly designing new games, we’ll also cover several games that have been created over the past few years to solve business problems that were not addressed in the original games in the book 'Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play'.  

Innovation Games® Master Class Agenda

  • Game theory and essential structure/components for serious, collaborative games.
  • The Collaborative Game Design Canvas, a powerful new canvas for designing games.
  • The Collaborative Game Design Cards, a set of cards that enable designers to quickly create new games. These cards cover game board design, interaction design, game play modalities and several structural considerations.  
  • Design strategies and proven processes for game adaptation and creation.
  • How to determine game mode (online, in-person, hybrid).
  • Several new in-person games such as Competitive Target, Missing Pieces, Level 3 Reflexes, Spark to Flame, and Cockpit.
  • Online & In-Person Facilitation Strategies.

Completion of the course gives you 60 Training Credits towards your Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) belt!

The one-day class is fast-paced and team-oriented. After instruction in game theory and design strategy, participants will get an opportunity to put the knowledge into practice, first by using the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™ and Collaborative Game Design Cards™ to analyze an existing game, followed by instruction in new in-person games, and the opportunity to work together to adapt or create a new collaborative serious game. Expect to organize into small teams with your classmates, review the content, debate, design – and PLAY.

Innovation Games® Master Class Prerequisites

This is a Master Class, intended for those who have experience in producing and facilitating Innovation Games, Gamestorming, and other forms of strategic, collaborative play. A good rule of thumb is that you should be Certified Collaboration Architect, Orange Belt, or equivalent.  If you're wondering about the difference between convergent and divergent thinking or are unsure as to when you might use Speed Boat or Remember the Future this class is not for you. 

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