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19 November 2018 08:30 - 17:00
Add to my calendar 2018-11-19 08:30:00 2018-11-19 17:00:00 Europe/Berlin The Responsibility Process® Mastery Experience The Responsibility Process® Mastery Experience MeetDistrict, Gent Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 808 Co-Learning info@co-learning.be
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Mastery experience

Application Mastery is when we get together in groups on the phone or in person and focus on breaking through upsets to new levels of freedom, choice, and power. Accelerating your ability to unlock and master The Responsibility Process® is what The Leadership Gift program is all about — so you can expand your leadership power and ability everyday.

You can do all the intellectual  study and Q&A in the world, but real progress comes only when you start actively working your upsets and life’s imperfections with the support of someone who has achieved a greater level of Mastery. It’s the difference between studying your craft, profession, or vocation, and doing your craft, profession or vocation.

Most people who learn about The Responsibility Process never get this far. They learn about it and think it’s cool (and wish others in their life would apply it). They never actually work the keys to unlock and access their own internal processes of responsibility. So they become frustrated or disillusioned (sometimes they criticize the messenger who introduced them to The Responsibility Process in them). They experience the belief that there is nothing they can do. They don’t have significant intention and awareness to penetrate that belief. So they never get past Interest on the path shown here.But you are different!

What to expect

The goal of Application Mastery is to accelerate your progress toward mastering Responsibility. We accomplish the goal by “doing” instead of studying. My job there is to help you amplify your Intention, Awareness, and Confront while experiencing a problem, upset, or imperfection in order to accomplish multiple objectives:

  • Breaking through an upset to new levels of clarity and resourceful thinking
  • Expanding your consciousness so you can increase your Intention, Awareness, and Confront on your own
  • Model for you how to resolve upsets and get unstuck
  • Give you a chance to try doing the same for others when you are ready

Think of one of the most supportive and compassionate but also the most challenging coach, mentor, or leader you’ve ever had. This is what we will be to you.

During these two days of mastery experience we will be holding the space for 100% responsibility. This is important because we are going to go deep, fast. Keep in mind that we invite you to do a lot of deep work on yourself. You will also experience others doing deep work on themselves.

What you agree to when registering

  • You already practise responsibility at some level and want to develop your practise even further.
  • You are aware of the personal responsibility process and the 3 keys.
  • You agree that any control cycle behaviour is compassionately confronted.​
  • You set the intention on holding 100% responsibility while doing deep work on yourself.
  • You set the intention on being compassionate supportive towards others doing deep work.

Limited seats available

To ensure we can hold the space for 100% responsiblity we limit the amount of participants to a maximum of 12.

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Gent Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 808

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