Achievement unlocked

By: Erik TalboomJurgen De Smet workisplayappreciationgamification

It can be hard to explicitely appreciate someone for their behaviour. And it can be even harder to accept appreciation. And yet appreciation is something that can have such a big impact on people's motivation. This is why we created the easy to carry "Achievement unlocked" cards. This concept is of course based on the gamification element of achievements, getting recognition for a certain behaviour or perseverance.

We recommend having these printed in small packets. The format easily fits your pocket, and therefore will be at hand when the moment arises!

In our experience with distributed teams however, we felt the need for an easier way to send out appreciation. This is how our achievement unlocked app was born.

Simply follow this link and let your appreciation be known! 

The app itself allows you to make an electronic achievement card, after which you can share the unique url with the person to whom you want to give the achievement.