Split patterns for backlogitems

By: Alexander Helleboogh

Our backlog items should be vertically sliced, problem statements that deliver a clear added value to a certain group of people. Ideally by splitting bigger backlog items into smaller slices that are feasible to finish within a small enough timeframe. One of the big question in this regard is: "How do we split backlog items in an effective way?"

There are several patterns you can use to split backlog items into smaller slices that will make it easier for your team to develop. We gathered a list of patterns that we have experienced as being effective during backlog refinement. These have helped us in the past to increase clarity on the boundaries of certain backlog items and help create high quality, easy to handle chunks of valuable product increments.

We combined these patterns into a fun to use card deck which your team members can easily take along to a backlog refinement meeting.