Conteneo Inc.

When people work together to their full potential, amazing things happen. And we believe that the best way to reach that potential is through the power of collaborative play and serious games.

Our mission is to use collaborative play to empower people and organizations to work better together, with their colleagues, customers and partners – no matter where they are in the world. This mission guides our products, informs our services and drives our social and civic engagement.


AgilityHealth is the leading Agile Assessment and Organizational Growth tool designed for companies scaling the adoption of Agile and Lean methods. Designed by real world Agile experts, it offers several radars to help measure and optimize the health of an organization. AgilityHealth provides a consistent way for measuring both quantitative and qualitative metrics for Teams, Programs, Portfolios and the overall Enterprise health and agility. It drives improvement and growth at each level of the organization and aims to engage leaders in this continuous growth process.

The sourcing network

The Sourcing Network is a knowledge organisation which guides organisations on the road to IT Outsourcing. Their ambition is as simple as it is clear: forging partnerships between outsourcing companies and their suppliers. Together we enable Agile Sourcing, building the bridge between businesses and their sourcing partners in an Agile way in order to achieve more outcome with less overhead. 


Parkoffice wishes to aid entrepreneurs and companies in organising their professional and social activities. In their partnership with Co-Learning they offer their locations and services for trainings, events and community gatherings.